Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sundance Film Festival - Day 2

The best thing about Sundance so far this year is by far the new seats at the Yarrow Hotel Screening Room. No disrespect to the films I have seen, but if you have ever sat 12 hours-a-day, for 8 days straight in conference room plastic chairs you will understand how I feel. To my delight, the Sundance Film Festival decided to splurge on the Press & Industry and actually brought in old cinema seats!

See, at Sundance, I rarely go to the screenings you read about in the media. Thankfully, they keep the programmers, press and miscellaneous industry folk away from the hordes and locked into closed to the public screening venues. The luxury is that you can easily get into 99% of the screenings without waiting and don’t have to deal with being herded like cattle. You see more movies this way, but unfortunately have fewer Dakota Fanning sightings.

Day 2 Film Tally: 15! Okay, it is not as impressive when more than half are shorts, but I am still proud. The most original and creative in the bunch were by far from the animated shorts program. Don Hertzfeldt, not to my surprise, highlighted the program with “I Am So Proud of You,” a continuation of the story of Bill from “Everything will be Okay.” The program also featured a mesmerizing and moody Quay Brothers style short film called “Out of Control” from Mexico.

Also of note was the complex and very personal competition documentary about the infamous defense attorney “William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe.” You follow the creators, his two daughters, journey into their father’s past as they try to come to terms with his controversial legacy.

Tomorrow will include my first visit to Main Street, so let the celebrity gawking begin!

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